Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Birthday China

It is the National Day holiday time now in China. This would be the time you might consider traveling to new and interesting destinations. It's usually around 7 days and things slow down quite a bit and some businesses are closed. For me it means more classes as parents like to have their children attending classes all the time. I have had some students that have 4 or 5 classes on a Saturday or Sunday. It's good for private schools as it crams a few more weeks into one as far as volume. It's always a a bit difficult to get it coordinated with what the majority of parents want. If they have seven days I aim for three classes during that time, but sometimes two is what the parents want. This is one of the main things to consider when you are thinking about a job somewhere. If you are in the public system then you have your time off. If you are working in the private sector, chances are you will not get the full seven days off during this time as they will be conducting classes. Be sure to check the contract for if it is paid or unpaid. It may vary school to school.

This is one of the really nice times of year in Harbin. The days are comfortble and the nights are cool, perfect. Still warm enough for outdoor dining, and a long sleeve shirt is usually plenty for the evening. The local apples are starting to come to market and those lucious Xing Jiang grapes too. When they are good they are as good as any grapes I have had anywhere.

Yesterday, I was taken out to lunch by two of my students mothers. We had lunch at the Shangri-la hotel. This was a very nice gesture. It is probably the best hotel chain in China, certainly it is one of the top 5. It was a buffet style with a few people cooking at stations, for instance the pasta, or entree, it was really good. Lots of wonderful foods with an international flare. I liked the cheese, olives, salami, beef with red bean all top notch. If you want to treat yourself to a wonderful brunch it is well worth the 108 rmb, about 12 bucks. It may have been one of the best buffets I have ever been to and the service was excellent. Thank you very much ladies.

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