Monday, March 13, 2006

No Job, but still a smile on my face.

One thing you can be sure of in China is that you will have some ups and downs. First I'd like to say sorry for not updating in a while. I took a break during the spring festival and now I'm on a permanent break. For those of you that are new, I was teaching at a University for a Canadian college. I pretty much bailed them out over the last year. I also got excellent evaluations and was well liked by my students. I however was not re-hired. Apparently they prefered Canadians, even if they are not Native speakers to a red blooded American. My point is that you may think you have everything all figured out but in the end, powers beyond your control may dictate your life.

I was happy to have that job for a year as it will buy me an apartment, so that's a good thing. It also means I probably will take a big pay cut when I return to another school. Lucky for me, I don't have to do that until the fall if I choose not to work right away. You see, even with a schedule of 18 contact hours in the classroom you will be very busy. I chose to be even busier than most and taught on the weekends at my own little school and that is what I lived on. So you should know that living on 2 or 3 thousand yuan per month is entirely possible and it will be fine. I could also get a job tomorrow if I chose to. If you plan ahead and save some of your salary you will always have options and you won't have to worry about those rainy days.

The other reason why I don't have to worry is because every month I still make dollars. Actually everyday I still earn dollars. This is great as it enables me to use my atm card from the States online to further my online businesses. This is my current business that I am building. Check it out it's easy to do and can be done from anywhere in the world. If your a teacher, you can use this as a second income. We do have to spend quite a lot of time on the computer so why not make some money. If you want a guide to how to do that please check out my other blog at Tagworld. For those of you that are not tagging, you really should be if you want to increase your internet exposure, for whatever reason you may have. You can also make money with tagging too. Here is a resource for Tagging. Use it to let people know about your blog. Picture site, whatever!

I'll keep you updated on the work search. I can use my own links from here.

It's all an adventure in China, a bit like working in the movies, you are never quite sure about your next job.