Monday, September 25, 2006

Day trips for teachers in China

If it is at all possible, get your days off together when you are teaching in China. There are lots of daytrips that you might enjoy. If you teach for a private language school this should not be a problem. It will likely be during the week. If you prefer teaching English to university students that also is no problem. Some schools have real challenges when it comes to scheduling so try to get your days off together. There are lots of overnight trains that can get you there while you sleep so you can maximize your traveling. This is a picture from Jiang Bei, or North River in Harbin at Sun Island. As you can see it is quite nice and a pleasant stroll . Like chess? Get some exercise at the same time. Sun Island is a tourist hangout but the locals like it too. You can see the tigers and enjoy the gardens as well as many other things. Because it is so cold in the winter here, people try to make the most of summer and all that that brings.

Many foreigners may notice a sort of slow motion in the Chinese. It's not much different from say a New Yorker and a small town midwesterner, one has a very fast paced life and the other may at a much slower pace. Most Chinese here in the North are not out of second gear. You see it all the time on the streets and at places like this the pace slows down even more, except for the kids who are bursting with energy. You may like the layed back pace or it may drive you a little nuts, depends on your background. I do think it is important to slow down and enjoy life whenever possible and there are many lovely places to do that. Enjoy!

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At 2:33 PM, Blogger Melisa Marzett said...

In my opinion, it is really very important to slow down and enjoy life in China whenever possible, and there are many lovely places in China to do that. Many thanks for your article - it's is a good addition for my entire custom paper!


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