Monday, January 29, 2007

Taiwan Earthquake shuts down my blog

I'm sorry that there have been no posts recently. The fiber optics cables between China and Taiwan were severed in the earthquake on December 26, so the net has not been working for sites outside of China. It's good to have the resources back again and I will update more frequently now.

It is nearing the Chinese New Year or Spring festival. Students have a holiday so for me that means I am really busy now. I have classes everyday as parents "must" have their children in classes all the time. Sometimes I pity them. They really complain about it, too much but it is understandable. I have seven books I am teaching from or seven different levels with ten classes. So it means for about a month or so I do nothing but teach, eat and sleep. It is also the most profitable time of the year much like summer vacation in July and August.

For those of you that may just be becoming acquainted with this blog, I'll recap a little. I was offered a job at the best university here in Harbin, Harbin Institute of Technology but after two weeks I decided it was not for me. The extremely low salary of 4300 rmb per month coupled with an administration not to my liking made it a pretty easy choice. I'm not really your average teacher. Not that I am bragging about my abilities but I don't really like working for others if it is not an exceptional situation. So I decided to be a businessman and a teacher. To put into perspective, the 4300 rmb per month offered to me can be earned in 4 days if they are my busy weekend days. So you see it was not a difficult decision to make. Here is one thing that was just totally weird. Many of you may know that any kind of religious work as a teacher is prohibited. This is stated in the standard contracts that come from the central planners, it's in every contract. H.I.T. has for many years had a working relationship with a religious, missionary group. I can't remember the name, or would I post it here, but that is just totally bizarre here in China. I have never heard of this happening anywhere else from anyone else. Here is my take on the situation. It is all about expediency. If they can't find enough teachers they just put in their order and lickety split they get 4 or 5 twenty something teachers.

Now China is full of twenty something teachers and many are bright well qualified people but placing zealots into the best university in the province really boggled my mind. Having grown up as a preachers kid I know how these people operate. These people meaning missionaries. The other part of the equation is the Chinese side. I feel I am beginning to understand that a little too. Many students have similar aspirations. Get a good job that pays a lot that requires little work. I feel the answer lies between these two "realities".



At 7:09 AM, Anonymous J Lee Harshbarger said...

"...placing zealots in the best university...I know how these people operate." I don't know what your experience was with "these people," but I think you should consider that putting all missionaries into the "zealots" category because the missionaries you knew apparently fit into that category is an overgeneralization that unfairly labels all missionaries the same.

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