Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Moonlighting while teaching English abroad

You may want to make a little extra money while you are teaching abroad. If you are a good teacher you will probably have lots of chances to pick up some students on the side. If you are teaching at a university you will have most of your weekend free. In China you can command anywhere from 100-200 rmb per hour for one on one tutoring. The students you have maybe preparing for one of the test they must take to study abroad, such as the Ielts tests, or entrance exams for getting into a college or graduate school. You may also find business people who are looking to improve their English skills. Right now, I am tutoring a 15 year old girl who has been accepted into the student exchange program, and will be leaving to live and study in Great Falls Montana. I charge a little less than most as this student wants a class every day. So for one month, 90 minutes a day I will receive 3000 rmb. She is quite advanced so it is a pleasure to teach her. It also gives you a chance to teach about cultural differences and what to expect when you arrive. With a couple of students like this you can double your salary. So keep your ears open and you can pick up some extra bread.

You could also do some part-time work at the numerous private language schools and for that you should be able to pick up 100-200 rmb for a two hour class. Sometimes the private schools have better students than you find at public schools and universities. So if you feel like you are knocking your head against a wall at your full time job, try branching out a bit and you may find that you will get the satisfaction every teacher desires teaching somewhere else.

Right now I have 70 students in my own school, I teach one class a week at another private language school and I have the private tutoring for 90 minutes every day. I teach 5 days a week with her and on Sunday night we watch an English movie. Sometimes I go longer as the time flies. This student was recommended to me by the teacher who found me for the private school that I teach for. Networking. One thing I can tell you is that if you are any good at teaching word of mouth will bring you many students. You may want to specialize in one on one teaching as this is the most profitable way to make money.

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At 10:16 AM, Blogger Eli said...

Hi Larry,

I'm currently teaching in South Korea and private tutoring is illegal and it can lead to deportation. I was wondering if it's the same in China?


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