Monday, January 23, 2006

Digital Cameras have got to be one of the coolest products to hit the market. They have opened up so many ways to document your travel. I like my shots of Icelights but I found some really outstanding shots from R Todd King. I think his photos really capture some of the atmosphere of the Snow and Ice festival. Which attracts artists from around the world. Be sure to take a look at his other sites in China.

There are so many sites to explore when you are contemplating working abroad as an English teacher. I hope I can save you a bit of time and point you to some resources that will help you have a successful working experience in China. Well anywhere really the principles are the same. It's all common sense deligence. My aim with this blog is to give you a feel for the lifestyle. Practical steps for finding a decent job at a good school can be found here. I highly recommend Transitions Abroad. The link is in the right column of the blog.

Let's get down to some of the daily tasks and how to go about them. When I left the states, I used to do most of my banking online, and I still do, but one thing I did not consider that has become a bit of a problem is my bank card. Since I have been here three years and have not been home yet, my card has expired. I arranged to have the bank send it to my school but it never has arrived. Getting mail at your real address is even more sketchy. There really is no mail delivery as we know it. A notice is delivered and may be stuck on your apartment door. Curious neighbors may take a peek or your delivery person may not be able to find it. Whatever the case may be mail is a problem. You may want to get a box at China Post. I do recommend that you have at least one credit card with you for emergencies. If you don't have a card get one here before you leave. Well now would be better. You see one of the ways I am able to maintain my travels is through simple free businesses like this. Believe me the internet will be a big part of your life, unless you have no friends or family to communicate with. You need that card for emergencies. Now, back to banking. Most schools will pay in cash. So you may not be comfortable storing that under your mattress. You most likely will need a Chinese friend to help you with this. It's pretty painless and you should be able to set up an account and get an ATM card in 30-45 minutes. Be sure to bring your passport and resident card. It is very convenient and machines have English, so it is a breeze to use. You will not be able to purchase anything with it online. It is just for ATMs. So if you want to get something online you need to have a bank card or credit card or prepaid visa. So get it now.

I put 1128 people in my Imvite downline and I am going to do the same in this new business. This is something anyone can do that has an internet connection, and as a teacher you will have one. Most likely it will be ADSL. It will not be as fast as Korea's but not to shabby. I urge you to take a look see it for yourself. You will be happy you did. Monetize your Blog. Next post I'll show you a very simple way to make a few bucks or a substantial income, larger than your salary teaching in China in just 30 minutes per day.

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