Monday, June 05, 2006

The Chinese have missed the boat

Bond James Bond, You just haven't lived until you have seen it in Chinese! I thought I would give you a taste of the television here in China. It's always been a bit of a pet peeve with me. You see they do have western movies but the don't make use of the SAP, or second audio program. You have millions of students studying English. It would be so easy to just put the Chinese on the second audio channel. You lose such a great tool. It's just too logical to be done. Well it's always nice to see it even if James is speaking in Chinese. There are lots of Channels on Chinese TV and everyone is on the cable system, which is in every apartment and cost you about 200 yuan for a year. There won't be much you can understand. There are a few English news programs and the occasional movie that is in English. Some places might have the BBC, some colleges can add that for the foreign teachers. I hear that there is also some kind of box available but I have never seen any.

There are many programs which can give you a good idea about the parts of China you have never been too. Many with great footage and the cultural shows that feature, dance and festivals from other areas are interesting even if you have no language skills. CCTV does have all the best. I saw them out on a shoot in the Gorgali district 0f Harbin. Nice beta cams, and about four trucks and 35 people.

You will always be able to get movies on dvd, the will just be pirated, but I don't think there are any legit dvds here. You will appreciate that but may have pangs of guilt over the stealing of intellectual property.

Larry aka worldtour


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