Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Holidays from Harbin. One of the nice things about living in China is the great food. And it is very affordable! You can even act like a bigshot. Of course Christmas is always better when you can be with your loved ones. You may not find your traditional turkey though unless you go to one of the chain hotels, such as Holiday Inn, or The Shangrila Hotels. This Christmas eve, we had pigs feet, cabbage and pork, the best salad I have had in three years, and ofcourse Harbin Beer, China's oldest brew. It's the best, lets hope Budweiser doesn't wreck it. Oh, I can here it now, pigs feet? "Well it's good for the skin you know". This is a typical retort to doubts about the ediblity of certain strange foods, such as ducks blood, chicken heads and tendons, mmm, chewy! Hey you only go around once, and I have to admit my father used to like to bring home a bottle of pickled pigs feet back in the day.

It managed to snow just in time for Christmas so it really feels like the season. I am also looking forward to the famous International Snow and Ice Festival. I will post more on that soon. Well Merry Christmas to all from Ice city. Worldtour

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