Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I want to share some of my experiences living and working in China. If you have an interest in working abroad you may want to get a feel for the culture here. Of course it will be through western eyes. First, I want to say that I love my life in China. So let me apologize in advance for offense that might be taken, from the east or the west. It is always a battle to escape your own cultural biases and perceptions. After three years of living in China, I have come to understand her and myself better and I hope, you too might gain some insight into your culture and world culture.

Worldtour in China, that's the focus here. Worldtour is my "handle" around the internet marketing community. It is one way I supplement my income, as teaching in China will not make you rich, monetarily speaking. So how to live and work abroad will be one thing I will also focus on. I can tell you that teaching in China is a very satisfying and unique lifestyle, suited for adventurers, culture seekers, teachers of course, or any educated person seeking a new gig, who has a grasp of the English language.

China is becoming something else. It's in another revolution, as in changing fast. Most westerners really have no idea about what it is or what it is becoming. In many ways the cities feel like any cities, vibrant, noisy, and problem plagued. In other ways things are uniquely Chinese. I hope I can open a small window into this culture, this lifestyle, both Chinese and expatriate. Till then till then.


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